GPS Vehicle Trackers are emerging as a key feature in women’s safety. Women in Trinidad and Tobago have a tough time when it comes to their safety. With rampant cases of violation of women’s safety hurtling down the country, it is a challenge we have to reckon with. Whether they travle by public transport, or drive their own vehicle, the problems they face cease to come to an end. In this blog, however we focus on women drivers, and how a GPS System for women who drive can be the solution to their everyday safety issues.

We will talk about the roadblocks that hinder women’s security on the road. Moreover, this piece will also describe the ways in which  a vehicle tracking system can aid in overcoming such obstacles. This will ensure that women have a safe and positive driving experience, and makes the road a better place for everyone to commute on.

Vehicle Malfunctions

A car is a machine and every machine is bound to breakdown sometime or the other. Hence, car breakdowns would be an issue for any driver because it is inevitable. The problem gets amplified when a car that is driven by a female driver breaks down, especially on a lonely stretch or during the night. While some women are capable of handling such situations, it is not an easy task to undertake. On the flip side, lone female drivers will experience fear when a breakdown occurs on an isolated area, and be worried about falling victims to the hands of predators.

This is where an installed Vehicle Tracking System or GPS can be useful. It allows you to share your ride status with your loved ones and seek immediate assistance from your GPS provider or local authorities about the car failure, so that they can come to your rescue.

Driving Behaviour

Ever since women started getting behind the wheel, they have been subject to constant crticism and sterotyping. It must be noted however, that bad driving can be the issue with anyone, regardless of their gender. There can be navigation problems in unfamiliar areas, while others have the propesntiy to indulge in rash driving which often goes unchecked, and they maybe prone to over speeding and harsh breaking. The problem here is whether you’re a “bad driver” or a rash driver, it all compromises your security and safety on the road. It can be a threat to your life and your vehicle, and you can also cause demise to others as well.

However, with a vehicle GPS tracker, there is no need to worry about the aforementioned problems because it will keep your driving patterns in check. It can intimate you in the event of rash driving, and you can also look back on your driving patterns and analyse your behaviour on the road. It will also be of great aid when it comes to navigation especially when moving about in cities or areas you are unfamiliar with, as you can navigate with ease and precision and prevent from giving someone a “bad drive”.

Parking Problems

In Trinidad and Tobago, the number of vehicles on the road has increased significantly. With this increase, comes parking problems. It is highly difficult in most cases to find a safe and appropriate spot to park your car. What makes it more of a challenge is when your car is parked in an isolated area, then locating the vehicle is another task to deal with.

Parking lots are quite lonesome and are actually the breeding ground for unsafe incidences. The larger the parking area is, the more it is sparsely surveilled. In addition to this, it is not uncommon for people to lose their way and forget the exact location where they had parked their cars a few hours ago. However, the safety of your car and yourself is well taken care of by a GPS system as you can effectively locate your vehicle and would not have to spend unnecessary time in precarious parking lots which can lead to unfortunate events.

Car Theft

Car Theft is a common occurence in Trinidad and Tobago which are either stolen for personal use or for illegal sale especially of its components. Moreover, as things stand, cars owned and driven by women are seen as easy targets. We all have heard terrifying tales of women being watched and closely observed, so that thieves can strike when they least expect it. Such tales show a chilling truth: when the thief is cognizant of your movements , he can not only steal your car, but can also compromise your safety and security. Circumstances like this make you vulnerable and can reveal your residence and other details to the thief. Therefore, this makes it a valid reason why you should invest in a GPS Tracking System. With remote shutdown capabilities, your car would not start without your consent or the command being sent. Also you can receive triggers via SMS and email when someone tries to break into your vehicle. Thus a GPS System lets you stay alert, where you can be immediately notified of any unathorized entry, which will prevent vehilce theft. Apart from that, in the event your vehicle is stolen, the location can still be tracked and there can be a successful recovery of your most prized possession.