Plus Protection

Comprehensive Security for Your Peace of Mind

A Gaffar GPS Solutions we understand the importance of safeguarding your vehicle. Our tailored GPS Tracking Solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. With our Anti-Theft Plus Subscriptions, you can rest assured that your vehicle is equipped with the latest security technology and supported by a team of experts dedicated to ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with the protection and peace of mind you deserve.

Real Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking of your vehicle’s Location, Speed and Direction through our App.

Instant Alerts

Stay informed of any vehicle interference; whether it’s an Opened Door, Started Engine, Impact Detection, Towing, or a Battery Dead/Disconnected instance, immediate alerts will trigger maintaining a direct line between your vehicle’s security and you.

24/7 Support

Our Technical Support Team is at your service around the clock, delivering expert assistance and peace of mind whenever you need it.

Free Vehicle Recovery

In the event of theft, our established partnerships with Ministry of National Security Armed Response Agencies and the TTPS mean swift action in the event your vehicle is stolen. We have historically recovered vehicles in under 17 minutes without fail.

Protected Vehicles

Years in Business


Recovery Rate



Unlimited Warranty

If there are any issues with your device, simply contact us and we’ll do our best to resolve it, free of charge. 

24/7 Hotline

Call us any day, any time. We’ll be here to help you, whether it’s a technical issue or if you need to access our free vehicle recovery service





A ‘cutting-edge’ security feature designed to provide automatic tamper alerts during nighttime hours.

With this system, your vehicle’s detection system will seamlessly arm and disarm at the specific hours you require, ensuring comprehensive protection and peace of mind.



No Matter The Package…

Each includes the cost of the GPS System, Installation, Unlimited Warranty, SIM Card Management, access to our 24-hour Emergency Call Center, as well as Technical Support. 

With over 11 years in the business and thousands of vehicles protected, our track record speaks for itself. 

We not only protect your vehicle but also prioritize your experience, offering Unlimited Warranty and a Service that genuinely cares for your safety and protecting your vehicles.

Ready When You Are

Would you like to set up an appointment for Installation, or is there anything you wish to clarify further? Remember, even if you’re still exploring your options, we encourage you to reach out. Your safety and vehicle security are our priority.

Let us show you what makes Gaffar GPS Solutions the right choice for you.