One of the major advantages of GPS vehicle tracking is that you are able to view your vehicle location in Real-Time, however not all GPS providers offer this service. GPS Tracking can be a powerful tool for helping you keep tabs on things that are important to you, but Real-time GPS Tracking can take that ability to the next level, allowing you to watch in Real-Time on your computer, tablet, or smartphone as a vehicle moves down the road or as an important asset is transported from one location to another. Real-Time GPS trackers are also called active trackers and these devices are extremely versatile, ranging from the size of a USB flash drive to larger devices that can be hardwired directly into a car’s power source for unlimited battery life. Users can choose different tracking intervals for different purposes, ensuring that they receive the amount of information that they need to monitor their belongings. At Gaffar GPS Solutions, you can get live tracking at 10 seconds intervals or less!

Real-Time GPS devices can provide tracking information with high accuracy. These pieces of information include routes taken, miles traveled, idle time, engine stops, and speed among others. While passive GPS trackers record and store tracking information, which can be downloaded from a computer at a later time, active GPS trackers or Real-Time Tracking continuously provide data updates, allowing for added GPS functionalities like geo-fencing and alarm notifications.

Real-time GPS tracking gives you a leg-up on knowing where your assets are located. Whether you’re tracking vehicles or assets you own, family members, or other loved ones, Real-Time GPS trackers can keep you in-the-know. It is for anyone who wants instant and continuous location monitoring. In this age, GPS tracking devices are extremely beneficial especially for parents, as Real-Time monitoring is the viable solution for adults to monitor the activity of their kids. Get a sense of your teen’s regular hangouts, or even keep track of them in Real-Time with Gaffar GPS Solutions, making sure they’re driving safely on good routes.

It is equally imperative for businessmen as well, who want to have access to the location of each of their fleet vehicles at all times. See movement patterns others can’t and monitor operations, resources, and assets—from field crews to vehicle fleets—using live maps, apps, and dashboards. Get Real-Time alerts and visualization on maps and dashboards and integrate location history data with infrastructure data to discover trends and outliers. Analyze and display Real-Time data, and use this live tracking data in context of road or utility networks, hazards, weather, and demographics. As you can see, Real-Time GPS trackers are a must for many enterprises. Without it, it’s impossible toplan and schedule, organize workflow or manage a fleet, and monitor employee activities. Productivity will be increased, customer service will be improved, fuel and labour costs will be reduced, mileage will be logged, speed and employee’s driving habits will be monitored and unauthorized use will be recorded. Sometimes a Real-Time tracking device is necessary to properly administer, work and run a business. But it’s important to select a GPS System that addresses the business needs. Otherwise, working with it will be ineffective.

GPS System with Real-Time trackers are gaining more popularity in today’s world. Whether used separately, as a vehicle tracker, or as an integral part of a larger software, they’re used by small and large companies, various professionals and individuals. Everyone finds them useful. No wonder, this superb invention helps millions of people around the globe to save hours on commuting and conveniently get to the desired places. It doesn’t matter if you are using your Real-Time GPS tracker to ensure that your teen driver is driving responsibly or to track the actions of a delivery driver, you will be able to view live tracking results right from your computer or smartphone through Gaffar GPS Solutions platform. Remember, you can also set up speed and geo fences to make sure your assets stay within certain parameters, and more!