We were devastatingly struck with COVID-19, where the demand for delivery services has increased as home delivery have become very popular and prominent- from food items to clothing and electronic goods, people have no choice but to resort to home delivery services to curb the spread of the global pandemic and its new variants.

When managing a team of drivers and scheduling deliveries to customers, the saying “Ignorance is bliss” cannot suffice, and as a fleet manager, you need to avoid being left in the dark. Transparency is the key to a successful day and if you want to quickly locate your drivers at a moment’s notice, there’s one sure-fire solution – GPS tracking. When you have live tracking enabled, you gain immediate insight into your fleet’s performance and you can begin to manage your team with confidence and share visibility into your drivers’ locations.

You will find yourself extremely busy when ensuring the streamline of operations is performing to its best capacity, and between handling customer complaints, tracking down requests and reacting to emergency situations – live tracking can without a doubt, help you manage your day more productively.

With GPS Tracking enabled, you can:

  • Confirm drivers’ vehicles location 24/7 – Real time delivery notification has many benefits, especially for delivery companies. The customers want to know about their goods and the time of delivery. The company can get the exact location of the vehicle 24/7 and share it with the customer. It is also very helpful for the company itself because they can track the vehicle and find out that everything is according to plan or not.
  • Ensure Vehicle and Driver Safety – Unfortunately, one major lawsuit can cause bankruptcy to the  average small or even medium-sized business. Are you certain that your employees never speed or engage in other dangerous driving behaviors in your company vehicles? Even though you’re not the one behind the wheel, you are liable for employee behavior when they’re on the clock and/or using your vehicles. GPS tracking promotes safer driving behaviors, and fleet tracking is a helpful way in this case to observe the activity of every vehicle and monitoring vehicle and drivers for their safety.
  • Improve Customer Service – Exceptional customer service is the guarantee of business growth. It involves many things like sending the nearest vehicle to the customer, delivering their assets with complete protection, timely delivery, providing them the accurate results and much more. All this can be achieved with the assistance of a GPS device. Reduce friction and improve the customer experience by providing an accurate ETA based on GPS location data. Your customers will thank you for the extra level of transparency!
  • Improve Efficiency and Productivity – GPS lets you view where your driver is at any given moment, but what solves the bigger problem is the automated update on arrival time. When you can view live ETAs from field, you gain an understanding on how your driver’s exact location could impact the rest of the day and when arrivals for the rest of the day are projected. Relying on phone calls, texts, emails from your drivers can get messy and not always reliable. Live ETAs can confirm if the driver is held behind and put the answers right in front of you.
  • Meet Same Day Challenges  – Truth be told – consumers either want their goods faster or at a convenient time. Good news! Both can be done with a mixed-demand approach, where pre-planned orders can be managed and at the same time, last minute requests can be facilitated. The secret to success here is assigning the orders at the right time and to the right resource; to make same day optimal, you’ll want to plan around your driver’s most recent position. With the right approach you can accept same day requests, plan with confidence, and make sure you are meeting expectations.
  • Manage Fuel Consumption – Any delivery business will spend most of their money on fuel. Proper fuel management is one of the best ways to save money for the company. By using a GPS device, fuel can be saved by monitoring the mileage and fuel consumption via the GPS software. If any vehicle is consuming more fuel and giving less mileage, you will know what exactly what needs to be done and take the necessary actions. You can know which vehicle needs a mechanic check and what is the fuel consumption of the fleet. As a result, the wastage of fuel is restricted.

Feel empowered with a trusted technology like Gaffar GPS Solutions that gives you increased coverage and peace of mind. Because when you have vehicles on the road, it’s vitally important to know your driver’s exact location at any given moment. This helps you give confident answers to customers and maintain control when you’re not in the office. And guess what? In the long run, your business will be lavishly rewarded!