Few things will put a damper on your day like realizing you’ve been the victim of vehicle theft. Unfortunately, it’s far from a rare occurrence — thousands of people deal with auto break-ins every year.

Vehicle Theft is an escalating problem and car thieves are a crafty and persistent bunch. Thieves are ahead of the game, as they are becoming more tech savy when it comes to maneuvering their way in stealing vehicles. Car owners should consider taking additional security measures or buying additional security products to better secure their vehicles. Most modern vehicles are already equipped with, for example, immobilizers and integrated alarm systems. However, these systems are being increasingly outwitted by thieves. Vehicles with Keyless Go-Systems are especially vulnerable.

Even though some of the newest vehicles have state-of-the-art technology and improved alarm systems, they are not much safer. Luckily, car owners can augment their car’s integrated alarm system with additional security tools for more comprehensive protection. Inform yourself about various new options to ensure your vehicle is secured against theft in the digital age. Gaffar GPS Solutions recommends GPS Systems that sync with your smartphone. Such systems send an instant alert to your phone when your vehicle is being tampered with. In addition to this, choosing a GPS provider with vehicle recovery services will also be a plus. Although it may not save you from the emotional roller coaster during a stolen vehicle event, it can still give you a winning chance of recovering your vehicle.

If you have ever been a victim of vehicle theft, then you know the unfortunate fate you are faced with. After a vehicle is lost, you are still faced with making loan payments, your insurance company has to investigate and you are stuck using public transportation to get from home to work. So let’s help you secure your vehicle with our innovative GPS technology today and give you a head start on the thieves.