We treasure our cars, so it’s time to stop relying on our instincts when it comes to their safety. Car thieves are always inventing new tactics for stealing vehicles. Unfortunately, even with most new cars having alarms built-in, it is still way too easy for them to be stolen.

There is an upsurge in the number of stolen vehicles of varying Make/Model for 2022. Most victims of vehicle thefts are usually targeted. It’s always advised to make an investment into a proper GPS System so that you have support if anything unfortunate happens. Making regular changes to your daily routines and being vigilant of your surroundings is wise.

Want to know what happens when your vehicle is stolen?

In most cases like this the vehicle is usually parked in an inaccessible backroad where there is limited possibility of persons venturing there under normal circumstances. The vehicle is usually retrieved after it is no longer considered as “hot” to commit unlawful activities or to “parts out”.

We treasure our cars, so it’s time to stop relying on our instincts when it comes to their safety. Car thieves are always inventing new tactics for larceny of motor vehicles.


This is where they break a glass and enter the vehicle. Then they break the ignition cylinder to bypass the key and use a screwdriver or bird beak plyers to start the vehicle.


This is usually one of a few non-invasive techniques using the car original key, mostly suitable for older vehicles that still use regular keys and are unable to be hacked from the distance. If a criminal somehow gets access to the original key of the targeted vehicle, they can easily enter the vehicle and quickly drive it away without the alarm being triggered.

Another method that is also used for older vehicles is a cloned key attack. This can happen anywhere the car owner leaves their vehicles for a longer period of time along with original car keys. This allows relatively easy access to the owners’ car key fobs that can be stolen and cloned using a key fob duplicator. This machine actually enables copying the essential data to be used on another key fob. Once the key is cloned, the criminal returns the original keys to where they were stolen from and waits till the vehicle is in a public place to then enter the car using the cloned car key fob to steal the vehicle. Since the cloned key fob contains the exact same data as the original one, the car is tricked into recognizing it as the original.

Many thieves use even more advanced methods, such as jamming technology, to get into the car without causing any physical damage on a vehicle. Jamming attacks can actually be performed on any car that uses wireless key fobs and work by disrupting communication between the key fob and the receiver inside the car. The jamming process requires a device that operates on the same frequency as the car remote, which can easily disturb the door lock message.

Smart key car theft/Relay Attack, has become one of the most frequently used car-theft strategies in recent years, and has drastically contributed to the increasing rise in car theft cases, especially in areas with cars being parked close to houses during the night. The process is relatively simple and involves two thieves working together. It requires a two radio-frequency-based gadgets; the relay amplifier and transmitter. One of the thieves first places the amplifier as close as possible to the house to detect the signal from the key fob. If the signal is successfully detected, it is then sent to the transmitter placed next to a vehicle. The transmitter actually works as a key fob and fools the car into recognizing alternative signals as the ones coming the original key fob. This can all be done in less than a minute and as soon as the car is unlocked, it can easily be started and driven away.