With revolutionized telematics technology, anything is possible in the GPS world – you can easily detemine the location of a person, vehicle or object, as long as they are properly equipped with a GPS device. Geofencing however, takes this technology to the next level for companies, where it allows Fleet Managers to to be alerted when their vehicles crossess a preset perimater by exiting or entering an area. This means alot to businesses, from the monitoring of employees’ movement to the tracking of company’s assets.

A Geofence is considered to be an imperative business tool in Fleet Management because it’s a virtual fence that can be easily set up via an online GPS platform such as Gaffar GPS Solutions, creating a perimeter around an important area on the map. Businesses will commonly utilize Geofences around locations where their workers need to go or stop inorder to execute their job.

Keep Drivers on Track!

Having Geofences that notify you of arrivals and departures of workers gives you the added ability to monitor the length of time employees are spending at jobs and stops, as well as the amount of time spent on actual commute. It is a known fact tht one of the most difficult factes of businesses is trying to keep track and monitor off-site workers on the job in the field.

No need to fear or worry because Gaffar GPS Solutions can put your mind at ease! When drivers deviate from efficient travel routes, this can shorten the lifespan of company’s vehicles overtime, and on a daily basis, fuel and business time will be wastened. However, with our GPS tracking and Geofence alerts, you will be instantly cognizant of what’s taking place and deploy the necessary corrective action.

Added safety!

With Geofencing, you can track your vehicles and agents in real-time. It provides complete insight into the movement of your field resources. If any incidents take place outside your Geofenced borders, you can quickly locate your drivers and field agents to provide them with the necessary assistance. It assures safety in times of emergency or unwanted scenarios.

Improves Productivity!

Keeping drivers on tracks leads to other Geofencing benefits such as helping to increase productivity through monitoring remote workers. A good example is how it aids Fleet Managers assign their trucks to a specific area, and they use it to make sure drivers are following the assigned routes.

Enhanced Customer Service!

You can also use Geofencing inorder to provide more accurate information to your customers, and as a result, client satisfaction will be improved. If a delivery location is in a certain area -whether it is South, Central, East or West of Trinidad and Tobago, you can create a Geofence within a desired mile (s) of the destination. When the driver enters the fence, it will send you a notifiction, by which the customer can be informed accordingly that the driver will arrive shortly. Your customers will thank you tremendously!

Prevents Theft!

That’s right! It doesnt stop here. With Geofencing capabilities, you can better protect your fleet assets. For example, if you own a construction company, you need to consider the cost of one of your front loaders. Imagine falling victim to theft and losing one of these machinery. When tracking your vehicle using Geofencing, you will be notified the minute the vehicle goes out of the determined fence which puts a serious cap on theft.

Track Key Information!

With prevalent use of GPS tracking devices and Geofencing capabilities, the data gathered will be able to inform management of areas for improvement. The data recorded will show which drivers are performing more efficiently and which drivers can benefit from additional training. Geofencing can also be critical in rightsizing your fleet to avoid redundancy.

When GPS tracking solutions and Geofencing are used correctly, it can help save your business a significant amount of money, reduce liability, and improve performance. A large benefit of Geofencing is that it can be customized, the fence can be made into any shape necessary and it can be placed anywhere necessary, allowing you to get the most specific data possible.

Reduces Costs!

Fleet Management enabled with Geofencing technology can curb the unnecessary wastages of the fleet, fuel and time. Geofencing alerts ensure your drivers and delivery agents are not diverted to the wrong areas. If your agent enters an incorrect location, the Geofencing feature sends him an immediate alert guiding him to the right location. . As you can keep track of your fleet of vehicles, you are well informed of when, where, and how your vehicles are used. Optimized routes can in turn lead to massive savings on maintenance costs, and the monetary gain is huge in the long run which adds to the efficiency of business operations.