It turns out that car alarms do very little of what they are intended to do. For one thing, they are supposed to deter thieves but many are sensitive and go off with the slightest touch or vibration from a vehicle passing along side. A popular misconception people have is that having a car alarm will prevent theft. The truth is car alarms were once a good deterrent to thieves and although this method might have worked in the past, these are now too common. These alarms no longer deter thieves and have become an annoyance. They are loud and often sound off without any attention given, thus becoming inefficient and a public nuisance. On the flip side, some may concerned about the system being installed on new vehicles, its affordability and its ease of use. However, this still does not mean that they are an effective car security system.

While they can still be helpful, they do not hold as much power as they once did. When an alarm goes off today, it is largely ignored. People simply think that the alarm was mistakenly triggered by the owner or they might think that something bumped the vehicle and set the alarm off by mistake. Even in the middle of the night, people do not bother to check when an alarm goes off in their neighborhood. Thieves know this and they take advantage of it. A car with an alarm is still at risk.

Cons of Auto Alarm Systems

So let us summarize the negatives of having a car alarm system:

– It does not offer real security: A loud sound is not an effective way to scare off criminals.

– Nothing prevents them from opening and driving your car: On a mechanical level, a loud noise does not prevent a thief from opening your car door and driving off with your vehicle.

– It puts your life at risk: If the noise of the alarm warns you that a thief is nearby, then this automatically puts you and your loved ones lives at risk since the thieves can be aggravated by the sound and become threatened.

– False Alarms: In most cases, alarm systems are very sensitive which means that pets, bystanders or nearby vibrations can activate the system very easily, causing you to lose a sense of alertness.

Outdated System

For the current century, the alarm system is very outdated and there are many ways to avoid them. Sadly, technology is not freed from criminals and they are becoming more and more tech savvy every day. The preferred method of the criminals is stealing without the victim noticing. Easy, fast and without fights – that is what every criminal wants. They are ahead of the game where they have created a device capable of cloning the signals that emit the keys with chip that activate the alarm systems. The device is no bigger than a laptop and easily and without notice it takes the signal of your chip and clones it. No matter where your car is the thief will take it as if it were his own.

Take Control with an Anti-Theft System

Although this evil dynamic is taking many victims, we assure you that all is not lost; there is only one way to prevent them from taking your car and that is, installing an anti-theft system. A defense system such as this is ideal to protect your property. There is almost nothing that allows this closed circuit system to be violated or manipulated.

The increase of security demands and technology advancements are causing car alarms to become obsolete and GPS trackers are taking over the security world for personal vehicles and fleets. These invaluable security systems provide outstanding security and recovery options to help bring vehicle theft to an end. As well as real-time location tracking, telematics systems employ advanced sensors that gather vast amounts of information on vehicle ignition status, speed, driving angle and engine error codes. This information can be used to improve driving habits, lower fuel expenses and increase the safety of your loved ones behind the wheel.

Finding the right GPS provider can be intimidating but following simple guidelines can make the efforts extremely easy. These can include knowing what your budget is and how much you are willing to invest, finding a reputable company, ensuring costs are inclusive of installation and configuration or even connection to a compatible GPS tracking platform.

Many people ask how implementing a vehicle tracking system can improve our lives and the problems associated with them. To answer that there are many benefits! Take a look at the list below which outweighs the conventional method of car alarms.

Pros of Vehicle GPS Tracking Systems

– Vehicle Maintenance – Having a vehicle GPS System will alert you whenever the vehicle needs maintenance. This ensures that all vehicle servicing needs are up to date and minimizes unforeseen costs and repairs.

– Employee Tracking – A vehicle tracking system monitors not just the vehicle but the driver as well. With modern tracking software, you receive alerts for each time your employee or driver commits any non-compliant behaviour like sudden braking, speeding, harsh cornering etc. With such accurate data, you can easily keep a check on each driver and how strictly they are following the company procedures and road laws.

– Reduced Downtime – The GPS System will help you find efficient routes which will increase productivity by reducing downtime. For example, with delivery companies it helps ensures all deliveries are made on time while cutting down fuel costs. Hence your reputation improves, along with overhead expenditure.

– Improved Safety – If you know your company’s vehicle real-time location, you can keep a check whether it is in a safe spot or not. This is extremely helpful if drivers are in any dismay so that immediate assistance can be sent as soon as possible.

– Asset Tracking – Having access to each vehicle’s real-time location means that you can easily track all your assets. If they get lost or stolen, they can be retrieved right away.

– Instant Alerts – You can receive instant alerts for a variety of facets that will notify you of any unauthorized intrusions. For instance, if the car door is opened, the engine has started, the car’s  battery has been disconnected or tampered with, or if there has been any collision or movement with your vehicle or even if your car goes out of a pre-set area.

– Insurance Discounts – Many insurance companies offer discounts once you have a GPS System installed which results in a lower premium being paid.

– Vehicle and Driver Safety – Thanks to optimal GPS Systems, road accidents can be prevented and problems on the road like roadworks, traffic jams, etc. can be reduced. Theft prevention, of course, is another benefit provided by the system.

It is time to get rid of that old school car alarm system and invest in a versatile GPS technology that will go beyond providing protection for your vehicle. You do not want to walk to your car after a hard day’s work or while being out only to find an empty spot where you thought you left your vehicle and never want that awful feeling to sink home; your car was stolen.