If you are a vehicle owner in Trinidad then you know the constant worry you are faced with every time your vehicle is parked, whether it is at the supermarket or in a high risk area. According to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, 444 vehicles were stolen throughout our Sister Isle during the year 2020. In the last two years alone there were 1186 vehicles that were reported stolen. It doesn’t matter if you are from North/Central/South or if you drive a Ford/Nissan/Honda/BMW/Kia. We are all at risk for vehicle theft. An upside to this, is that stolen vehicles are almost recovered very rapidly when GPS tracking is involved.

The months of January, February, June and August of this year had a high rate of increase in the number of vehicles reported stolen as there were approximately 40-50 vehicles reported stolen during these months. The months of September and October had the largest number of vehicles reported stolen with an increase in approximately 50-62 vehicles reported stolen per month. It’s unfortunate when your most prized possession is taken away from you in the spilt of a second. However, with GPS Tracking, you can locate exactly where your vehicles are if one of them is stolen. This makes the recovery more likely and less difficult. GPS tracking can also make the recovery of your vehicle more timely. When it comes to protecting your vehicle from theft, we all know the general rules: park in well-lit areas, double-check your vehicle is locked before you leave it and always keep your valuables out of sight. However, no amount of preparation can prevent a determined thief.

First of all, thieves will choose those vehicles that are easy targets ,example, can be stolen fast and without attracting attention. Speed is of utmost importance to thieves, as they risk being caught and try to get away as soon as possible. Thus, if you wish to make your vehicle less attractive to thieves you should think how to slow down in the process of stealing, even a few seconds can make a difference. Anything that forces thieves and joy riders to spend more time will make a vehicle a much less appealing target. It is the most effective way of preventing car theft, and making the criminals to look for another object to steal.

The Solution

If this misfortune comes your way, congratulate yourself on foresight and prudence if you installed a GPS Tracking System. By installing an innovative, versatile and reliable GPS Tracking System in your vehicle, you can gather insights from GPS data, where GPS software provides you with valuable statistics, you can use to protect yourself against vehicle theft.  In the event of a theft, you can dive into the data and analyze what happened, where, and why the event occurred. You can then take preventative steps to stop it from happening again. For example, if recurring incidents occur at a certain location, you can identify patterns and change your route accordingly.

When the unexpected happens, Gaffar GPS Solutions employs sophisticated technology and a specially trained team of armed response and stolen vehicle assistance advisors to help law enforcement quickly and safely recover your vehicle. Our tracking system is one of the best solutions to help reduce your risk – with real-time tracking, alerts to notify you of unauthorized movement, and GPS coordinates of your vehicle’s location, we can track and recover your asset before any major damage is done.

Beyond the hard costs of vehicles or equipment going missing, theft also results in considerable collateral damage to companies as well.  For organizations, preventing theft results in keeping schedules and deliveries on time, increased accountability and trust with customers, as well as reduced stress on drivers and staff.  In essence, avoiding thefts through telematics means saving time, money, and lives.

When a vehicle is stolen, every second that goes by makes it less likely that the vehicle will be recovered. That’s why your first line of defense is Gaffar GPS Solutions Theft Alert Notification. Once your vehicle is equipped with a Gaffar GPS System and armed, clients can be alerted via text, email or app, the instant a thief tries to enter your vehicle. The process of locating and recovering your begins!

Hence, live tracking is a must! Subsequently, Gaffar GPS Solutions Monitoring System can also provide the police and other authorities direct access to live, real time location data. This unique feature speeds up the recovery process and enables the police to monitor the vehicle from a distance, reducing the chance of a high speed chase and damage to your vehicle. Systems that require you to text your device for an address mean the onus is on you to be thinking about your vehicle. If the vehicle isn’t where it should be, you are also relying on it being stationary otherwise you have to keep texting for an updated address to give to the police. Live tracking options enable you to describe to police where your vehicle currently is. If the vehicle is on the move, you can give directions for police to follow. Built in GPS technology can aid in finding your vehicle and relaying its location. If the vehicle is in motion or even parked and turned off, Gaffar GPS Solutions can use it’s safe remote wireless shutdown capability to prevent the engine from being restarted, allowing the police and armed security forces to recover the vehicle. Gaffar GPS Solutions and its cutting edge telematics technology, together with its robust partnerships with the law and Ministry of National Security approved firms have helped our clients recover stolen vehicles since 2012. To date, we have maintained a 100 percent vehicle recovery rate!

GPS devices won’t stop someone taking your vehicle, but it’s no secret that vehicles fitted with GPS tracking devices do have a better chance of being recovered. If you are going to invest in GPS and you want to take advantage of its capability to support recovery of stolen vehicles, so be sure to pick a solution that will give you the best chance!

Begin your protection journey for all your vehicle investments with Gaffar GPS Solutions for the NEW YEAR ahead!