Fleet Management Software doesn’t just protect your fleet, but can be used to reduce operating costs as well. Here are some ways you can save money alongside the extra security.
Improved Driver Accountability: Drivers are less likely to spend company time doing personal errands or getting sidetracked when out on the road if they are aware that they are being tracked. Additionally overspeeding and harsh braking warnings mean they’re likely to drive more cautiously. This can help avoid accidents, not only saving potential money in repairs, but helps in keeping the roads safer for all drivers.
Reduced Overtime: Due to knowing where your vehicles are and when, you can reduce unnecessary overtime from drivers taking unauthorized stops or from trying to run up overtime hours by stretching out trips.
Lower Fuel Costs: Traffic data combined with use of GPS services in routing for drives can save time wasted waiting in traffic or other obstacles. Fuel Monitoring allows you to more accurately track fuel costs and usage.
Accurate Billable Hours: Reports from GPS tracking software allows for precise timing for billing of workable hours.
Reduce Unexpected Breakdowns: Maintenance reminders allow you to be notified whenever any element of a vehicle is ready for a checkup. These can be customized to be as simple or in depth as needed. This can prevent issues such as vehicles shutting down unexpectedly or parts becoming damaged due to lack of maintenance.