Research shows that parking lots are hazardous places and it’s even more perilous to park in unknown or strange areas, especially at night. As a result, drivers need to be vigilant of their surroundings when parking because it can prevent vehicle theft and other unfortunate situations. A secured parking spot and undertaking all necessary precautions set the premise for car safety. At Gaffar GPS Solutions, we care about you and your loved ones and strongly urge our readers to follow these parking safety tips which is a must in these uncertain times.


Choose a parking space close to the destination you’re going to and ensure it’s well lit, especially if you’re parking at night. For example, if you’re at the mall, Gaffar GPS Solutions recommends parking as close as possible to the building as it’s typically the most populated area of a parking lot and will have high pedestrian traffic, as well as offer the best lighting as you walk to and from your car. For women especially, try avoiding parking next to large vans or other vehicles where you could be hidden from view.


Always scan your surroundings before exiting your vehicle. If you happen to notice any suspicious activity, remain in your car, immediately drive away and report it to the police. Avoid talking on or looking at your phone while walking through a parking lot. You may also want to consider ditching the headphones so you can hear what’s going on around you, like vehicles or pedestrians approaching. 

When exiting a business, stay alert of anyone who may be following you to your vehicle. Have your keys out, as this will help you to get in your car quickly and can also be used as a weapon if you’re feeling threatened while walking to your car. Visually check the backseat before getting in your car and only unlock the driver’s side door when entering your vehicle to keep someone from slipping in one of the other doors. You should also always have your keys ready and avoid lingering in a parking lot even while inside your vehicle.


Remove all valuables from your vehicle, especially if they’re visible through a window. If you can’t remove valuables, it’s a good idea to hide any items and bags from plain sight at a minimum, for example, in your trunk or under your seat.  You should also close all your vehicle’s windows, lock the doors, arm your alarm or GPS System  and keep your car keys with you at all times.


Strive to park your vehicle in reverse at all times. This will make it easier for you to get into your vehicle quickly to escape any precarious situation safely. Parking in reverse means that you can see your surroundings more clearly and scout out the environment with ease before exiting the vehicle. Reversing close to a wall may also deter thieves from breaking into your boot, as there will not be enough space for them to work. In essence, parking in reverse is a simple and effective way to avoid any unfavourable incidents and should be practiced frequently.


Invest in a premium GPS system that allows you to monitor the real time location of your vehicle that is frequently updated, and also provides additional information such as speed, movements and directions of the vehicle. A contemporary unit should be equipped with innovative features like geo fencing, instant tamper alerts and safe remote shutdown. Protecting your vehicle doesn’t have to be difficult and with a system like Gaffar GPS Solutions, you and your loved ones will be provided with easy to use, versatile and reliable vehicle protection services.

Vehicle theft is continuously emerging and safe parking your vehicle is imperative since a significant percentage of vehicle-related crimes are committed while it’s parked. We all know that our hectic schedule gets the better of us sometimes, but practicing these tips and investing in Anti-Theft GPS solutions can save you and your loved ones from ill-fated situations and possible trauma