It’s a Saturday afternoon and you’re putting your tools away in the garage. You pay no attention to the guy walking down the street, assuming he’s a neighbour. But he’s really a burglar, and he’s eyeing your DeWalt Drill and Miter Saw. He knows from experience that, like most people’s homes, your garage probably isn’t as secure as the rest of your house, and he can take advantage of that.

That burglar isn’t wrong. Most people worry more about their grandmother’s heirloom jewellery getting stolen more than they do about their leaf blowers and power tools in the garage. Just like that, your garage becomes a prime target for theft, just as any other vulnerable and lucrative part of your home.

Burglary is common in Trinidad and it’s becoming prevalent for thieves to break into homes, during the day when many people are at work, away on vacation or begin to leave their windows and doors open more often.   Although modern advances in home security systems can deter burglars, this protection is only guaranteed once alarm systems are connected to a professional home security monitoring service. Many people may not have this luxury and losing your sense of security, money, and property are not the only reason to arm yourself with the right knowledge to help prevent break-ins. The safety of you and your family are also at risk and as such, Gaffar GPS Solutions recommends these powerful steps to mitigate the risk.  

1.    Lock your windows and doors at all times.

2.    Change passcodes on electronic locks and garage doors from time to time, and keep fences, gates, and garage doors locked. 

3.    Stow expensive items like grills, cars, and bikes in the garage.

4.    Keep your windows covered so valuable items are out of sight.

5.    Install motion sensor lights, deadbolt locks and upgrade patio/sliding glass door locks.

6.    Trim shrubs and bushes to eliminate hiding spots.

7.    Keep your yard free of toys, tools, and ladders. 

8.    Don’t announce your vacation or trips on social media.

9.    Walk around the exterior of your home and scout out its weaknesses. 

10.  Consider forming a neighbourhood watch program

11.  Secure valuables in a home safe or lockbox.

12.  Don’t label your personal keys or hide spares outside.

13.   If you live in an apartment or condo building, close the door behind you when entering or exiting the building. Report any security concerns, such as dim lighting around entrances or points of easy access, to your property manager.