We all know property safety is important and it’s something that should never be underrated and there will never be too much care over it. Car thefts are on the rise once again in Trinidad and Tobago and we need to be vigilant and proactive. You can prevent any attempts that are made by bandits to  steal your car by installing a reliable and effective GPS System.

GPS Tracking To Prevent Auto Theft

When it comes to car safety and protection, most people consider car alarms as the best and the only way to safeguard your vehicle. In reality, for experienced car thieves, it might take around 30 to 40 seconds to disable an alarm. Hence Gaffar GPS Solutions recommend to protect your car by not only using a car alarm system, but also a GPS tracking solution. While a thief will know precisely and how to work his way around disabling an alarm, a GPS Tracking device is left hidden and discreet so that thieves should not even expect its presence. With the investment of a GPS system installed, it will greatly improve the possibility of retrieving your stolen vehicle by helping the TTPS and/or Security Agencies to locate and recover it in matter of minutes before your car is lost for good.

Be Aware When Crime Happens, Track Your Vehicle’s Location

With the use of a GPS System, you can periodically check up on your car to make sure it’s still exactly where you parked it. Gaffar GPS Solutions provides remote GPS tracking to Android and IOS phones via our app and through our web portal from your computer or tablet. With these features, you can track your car anytime, anywhere. You can monitor every movement and action of your vehicle with our live maps and with 10 seconds or less GPS updates, you’ll always know where your car is. Even when your car is off, the Gaffar GPS Tracker will still work. The device will update the car’s location every 2 minutes.

With tamper or event alerts, you can be immediately notified if your vehicle ignition was turned on or an object left a particular zone. With a GPS Tracking System, you will ensure that your property is safe and in the place where it suppose to be. If you set up a virtual zone, you will receive a notification every time when your car leaves a predefined area. The GPS system will also notify you via SMS and email about tow, signal loss, open doors, engine on and so much more! The car can also be controlled remotely if you notice any suspicious activity.

Get Your Car Back!

Preventing car theft is difficult no matter how much you do to protect your car, but it might still get stolen. If you get into this situation we’ll tell you what to do so you can be prepared and can get your car back!

If your car is stolen , remember not to panic. The first thing you’ll want to do is call your GPS provider and report the theft, then call the police to make a report as owner of the vehicle. Make sure and tell both your GPS provider and the police your license plate number, colour and model of the car. If you noticed any suspicious behaviour before your car was stolen, or even saw your car being stolen, make sure and report all this information and descriptions to the relevant persons in authority. Do not attempt to chase down the vehicle yourself because you can put your life at risk. Your life is mor important than your car!

Most important thing: with the help of Gaffar GPS Solutions Systems, police and any recovery units should be able to find your vehicle in no time before the vehicle is damaged or disassembled for parts. Numerous thieves have been caught and many stolen cars were retrieved to its legal owners with the help of GPS technology.