We all love the Christmas holidays for their atmosphere of magic, happiness, and unity with our families. It’s the time of year when both kids and adults sincerely believe that dreams can come true, making New Year’s resolutions and waiting for Santa Claus to visit.

Christmas is a time for merriment and for spreading joy to the people around us. But did you know that it can also be a time that can pose the greatest dangers to our family and loved ones? Brighten the holidays by making you and your family’s safety a priority. Gaffar GPS Solutions rounded up a selection of protective tricks and pieces of advice that might help you have both a merry and safe Christmas this year – and ready to enjoy the holidays.

  • Make your home appear occupied at all times – Making your house look occupied is one of the most effective ways to keep thieves and burglars away. Petty criminals are always on the lookout for easy prey and having to deal with who knows how many people in the house is a huge deterrent for them. Hence leaving your lights on and turning on the television or radio when you go out is always a good idea.

  • Do not put empty boxes from expensive gifts in the trash – Some burglars will even look through your trash and see jewelry boxes or other expensive things you’ve bought. To minimize the risk, tear them apart before you take out your trash.

  • Position you Christmas tree wisely – A Christmas tree is the main focus of attention in every house during the holidays. As your family gathers around it, you should make sure it won’t fall down or bring any other “discomfort” to you, your family and your guests. Ensure it is mounted on a sturdy base and also keep it away from open fires or other sources of heat.

  • Use candles safely – Happy moments can be spoiled if something simple and small as a candle causes a house fire. That’s why it’s very important to take precautions, as it can go a long way. Never leave your decorative burning candles unattended and always place them on secure non-hazardous spots.

  • Entertain safely abiding to COVID-19 regulations – Gatherings during the holidays can be an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. This holiday season, consider how your holiday plans and entertainment can be modified to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to keep your friends, families, and communities healthy and safe. Maintain social distancing, use hand sanitizers and/or wash your hands regularly and wear your masks at all times.

  • Buy safe toys that are not hazardous or toxic to kids – We know your kids will be excited to open the presents Santa brings them. Please bear in mind when buying gifts for your child this Christmas, ensure that it is safe to play with and free of any hazardous materials that may be dangerous to their health.

  • Travel Safely with car seats & seat belts for the entire family – As we all will be home this holiday season, taking family road trips are becoming more prevalent during this COVID-19 pandemic. This time of year can have negligent drivers on the nation’s roads, so ensure your loved ones are always buckled up even for short distances. Keeping your little ones safe is undoubtedly your top priority and one of the best ways to do that is by making sure their car seats and/or booster seats are safe and secure and abides by the recommended trajectory and local traffic regulatory laws.

  • Always inspect all seasonal lights and electrical cords – Decorations make every home ready for Christmas and make the holiday season more palpable. Check that all the electric bulbs work properly and that none of them have cracked lamp holders. Also, ensure electrical cords do not have any breakages. Place all extension cords close to the walls so that no one trips over and falls. Inspect cords on a continuous basis and make sure there are no damaged sockets that might cause a fire in your house. For external decorations, be sure to install light bulbs and extension cords rated for outdoor use, and try to place the bulbs away from all materials that ignite easily.

  • Practice social distancing and other COVID-19 regulations during holiday shopping – Most importantly during this holiday season abide by all COVID-19 regulations to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Practice social distancing at 6 ft apart, sanitize upon entry to the mall or any store, wear your masks at all times, stay home if you have any flu symptoms, avoid last-minute holiday shopping, choose off-peak times to do your shopping, and utilize online shopping this festive season.