If you are in charge of a fleet, then you know that measuring fleet performance comes with the territory—and it’s critical to staying in business. You need to have some checks in place to make certain that drivers are performing at their best. Plus you need to track maintenance reports, look at insurance expenses, comply with regulations, and do this across many vehicles.

With so many balls in the air, it’s easy to feel swamped. Knowing how to assess driver performance in the most efficient way possible will save you time and money.

Keep reading to learn how you can track your drivers and improve your fleet!

Fleet managers oversee the productivity and safety of their fleets. You’ll track vehicles from their initial purchase to retirement or resale. You’ll hire staff and manage the budget, as well as work with maintenance and determine whether your fleet is complying with all safety regulations.

There’s a lot to track financially. And you’ll be responsible for tracking things like insurance costs, which will vary depending on how many drivers and vehicles you have—and the region where they are driving. Your drivers are the CORE employees that make your fleet go. Developing a way to check their performance and encourage improvement is closely tied to your success. It needs to be a priority!

So how do you keep track of all the data needed to make proper assessments of your drivers?

Fleet GPS Management Systems are the answer.The latter will allow you to track everything with clear graphics that are easy to read for both you and your drivers. This will speed up the assessment process if your fleet has a lot of employees. Monitor and keep track of your drivers, see where your drivers are, where they’ve stopped and for how long! Avoid known traffic problems, keep tabs on their behavior and know of any speeding, unauthorized drives & stops, harsh Braking, acceleration or cornering.

Using a system builds accountability and helps you see areas that could benefit from revisions. You can track routes to see which ones are the most cost-effective. You also can make route revisions on the fly if needed. With Gaffar GPS Solutions, our Fleet GPS Management Systems will generate reports so that you can see the data and make comparisons among drivers in your fleet.

Our Fleet Management Systems will also allow you to analyze GPS data to catch lead-foot drivers. With speeding on the rise among fleet drivers, this issue is important to address before it turns disastrous. If your drivers are hauling a lot of weight, then speeding only worsens their traction on the roads. It’s also harder to stop the momentum of a large, speeding vehicle! This, of course, could mean bad news for their safety record.

Encourage your drivers to build awareness of their speed. They might want to get to their destinations quickly, but it’s not worth the safety concerns, damage to the vehicle, or lack of fuel economy. Driving through mountainous regions or in bad weather intensify the levels of danger on the roadways.

The opposite issue also can be problematic for your bottom line. That issue? Not going anywhere while the engine is running. Too much idling has a negative impact on fuel consumption and productivity. Look at the GPS data and talk with your driver about idling if the mileage and time don’t quite add up. Sometimes a quick explanation is enough to show your drivers that it’s better to turn off the engine than it is to keep it running while not moving.

Proper maintenance keeps your fleet in strong shape for many miles of travel. Keep track of the maintenance of your vehicles with our Fleet Management System! You can simply create a schedule and set reminders to alert the appropriate personnel once a vehicle’s maintenance is coming up or due. This way, the process of notifying the driver and the maintenance staff is automated and much less tedious. With fleet maintenance reports, view any vehicles or assets that are upcoming or overdue for maintenance to make sure they are not being over utilized.

Save Money With Automated Maintenance Reminders. Having a vehicle break down on the job due to overlooked maintenance is not only costly but can also put your drivers in danger. Using a Fleet GPS Management tracking software to track mileage until the next service will help avoid the costly aftermath when a vehicle breaks down. By staying on top of this you will eliminate costs and better protect your drivers.

Surely, you are reading this because fleet maintenance is a top priority to make sure operations are running smoothly, so why not make it as simple as possible for yourself? Using an efficient Fleet GPS Management System will streamline the process, significantly reduce costs and track employees with accuracy and care.

If you’re looking for help with Fleet Management and want to make sure you are covered, contact us at Gaffar GPS Solutions and we will gladly help!