This is a question you may want to ask and for good reason.  If your current GPS provider can’t give you Real-Time alerts or Instant Tamper alerts anytime a thief tries to break into your vehicle or for devices that have been improperly installed or potentially tampered with, then you’re being exposed to risk. At Gaffar GPS Solutions, we built our solutions from the ground up, enabling us to provide you with instant notifications so you can act fast. 

Our alerts are sent out in Real-Time so that you can be proactive in addressing incidents as they are happening. We give you the power to set up alerts to best match your needs. What are the types of exceptions you want or need to be alerted on? What really matters to you or your business? This blog will help you figure out which alerts you might want to use.

Door Open Alerts will notify you when any door of your car has been opened, meaning there has been unauthorized entry into your vehicle. This is extremely useful as it can aid in assessing the situation quickly and taking action immediately, hence preventing the loss of your prized possession.

Ignition Alerts tells you when your engine has been started after you know it’s parked and not in use. This means an intruder has gained access into your vehicle and more than likely is about to drive off. The good thing is that you are instantly cognizant of this and can contact the relevant authorities and your GPS provider to immediately begin the recovery process with live tracking. With Gaffar GPS Solutions, the thieves won’t reach too far as our teams and security forces quickly mobilize and intercepts the situation. To date we have maintained a 100 percent vehicle recovery rate.

Motion Alerts notifies you when any type of impact or motion has been detected with your vehicle or the GPS device. It’s an ideal type of alert if you want to know your vehicle or fleet is being compromised or tampered with in any manner. For example, if a window was smashed, a collision occurred or even if your vehicle is being towed.

Battery Disconnected/ Dead Alerts notifies you when the battery in your vehicle has been tampered with or the health of the car battery has diminished or the GPS device itself has been disconnected. Whatever the circumstance, you will immediately know something is not right and you can begin to assess the situation.

Speed Alerts notifies you if the vehicle you’re tracking moves above a certain speed. You can choose to get an alert whenever the speed threshold is breached. It’s an optimal type of alert if you want to know your vehicle or fleet is travelling too quickly. For example, tracking if your teenage or young drivers are going above the speed limit when they borrow your car or checking if your fleet drivers are obeying the rules of the road and staying under speed limits or calculating how quickly they will arrive at a destination.

Geofence Alerts are some of the most sophisticated alerts we provide. They allow you to set up certain boundaries on a map and get a notification if the GPS tracker moves out of or into those boundaries. You can also setup multiple geofences to receive several alerts as your vehicle moves through them.  It’s the best type of alert if you want to know your vehicle has breached a geographic area that you have set. For example, tracking when your teenager leaves a designated area like their school or tracking when an elder leaves your home or receiving notifications when your fleet leaves a location or arrive at a customer’s location.

Unauthorized Intrusion Alerts are sent when there is movement within a pre-defined odd-hours violation window. This alert is valuable to fleet managers and even drivers because it will notify them of possible theft or unauthorized usage of the vehicle any time that the vehicle is being used at an off-hour.

Maintenance Reminder Alerts tracks the timing for your vehicle or fleet scheduled maintenance, and can notify you when your oil needs changing, tire needs rotating, warranty expirations, license renewals and other servicing/preventative maintenance routines. These alerts are extremely beneficial and will aid drastically in upkeeping the health span of your assets.

It’s time to track what matters, so take a look at the GPS services we offer, and find the perfect one for your needs. Be instantly notified when an intruder opens your car door, smashes your window, starts the ignition or disconnects your battery! Alerts are intended to give you the ability to act when an exception occurs and also need to be set up so that they are meaningful and not ignored. GPS Insight alerts are customizable to be as specific as you need them to be in order to be powerful and effective for you or your business. When all else fails, you can always rely on Gaffar GPS Solutions to have your back because with our Real-Time alerts, you will never be in the dark. Instead, you can take action to protect your collateral and your bottom line.