Is your vehicle safe where it’s parked? In Trinidad & Tobago, a significant number of vehicles are being stolen every year, over 500 in 2019 alone according to TTPS statistics. Many of those stolen vehicles are never found, and as thieves come up with more innovative ways to steal any type of vehicle, now is the time to think about protecting yours.
In 2020, its easier than ever to get a quality GPS tracking device. With just a little searching, you will find a GPS Tracking system with all the features to make you feel safe  and get a peace of mind.

Here are some reasons to finally get around to investing in a GPS device and what you should be looking for:

1. Security
Being able to view your vehicle’s location in real-time is a plus and in the event of vehicle theft you would also be able to know which direction your vehicle is headed and the police will know exactly where to find it. Quality GPS providers usually offer a means of recovering your vehicle once stolen, which means less anxiety for you as they do the legwork alongside the police in finding it.
2. Family Safety
GPS Devices can be especially helpful to families where younger members are just starting to drive. Worry less about their whereabouts by being able to see where they are, some devices even enable features such as speeding or impact alerts.
3. Be the first to know
Many devices also function as notification systems, but not in the same way as normal car alarms. When your vehicle is tampered with, modern devices can send text messages to your phone so you’ll know instantly, even if you’re far away. They also allow for more specific information, such as if someone crashed into your vehicle, or is trying to tow it.
4. Useful Side Benefits
GPS devices can also be used for more minor issues. Lost your vehicle in a large parking lot? Wondering if you left your car on? Can’t remember the route you took earlier? Modern GPS apps can help with that.
Most GPS providers will give you all of these features, and sometimes more! Consider securing yourself today, for peace of mind, convenience and security.