GPS trackers are solely utilized for its tracking capabilities, but they also include other features that are designed to make life easier and safer for you. When you are buying a GPS tracking device, there are certain characteristics you have to consider. If you are buying a GPS tracker for security reasons, you have to make sure the chosen GPS system includes features that will provide your car with as much protection as possible and is a step up from traditional Anti-theft methods.

How Does the GPS Tracking System Work?

A Global Positioning System, also known as a GPS, uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. With the use of microwave signals, it connects with 24 satellites and their ground stations to provide locations. This is a global radio-navigation system that was originally designed by the military but is now in very high popular use in the construction industry.

The GPS tracking system goes inside a vehicle, on a phone, or on special devices. These devices can be either stationary or portable. The unit provides exact location and can track movement, which means you can use the system to track the routes of delivery trucks or your personal vehicle in the event of vehicle theft.

GPS tracking systems generally include the following crucial components: a tracking unit, a server that receives tracking information from satellites, and a user interface that enables displaying the location of the monitored object.

The demand for car tracker solutions has increased in recent years, primarily due to a dramatic rise of vehicle thefts in urban areas. GPS car trackers are primarily being used for security reasons – to obtain a car’s location and enable vehicle tracking in case of a theft. GPS car tracking systems also serve as a great fleet monitoring solution that facilitates vehicle tracking for any large car or truck fleet company. Moreover, car trackers can also be of great relief for parents of teenagers, especially if a car tracking solution provides reports of teens’ actions behind the wheel.

GPS Tracking Systems are the new Anti-theft Solutions.
Anti-theft options before GPS Tracking Systems:


The steering wheel lock functions as a visible theft deterrent system. Fixed on the steering wheel, it immobilizes its movement and prevents the possibility of the car being stolen. The tool usually includes a physical key for the system to lock. However, some locks can also be digitally coded. Most steering wheel locks are brightly coloured, which increases their visibility and prevents possible break-ins. As the system comes big in size, it is generally hard to break and to remove it without noise.


Despite its numerous benefits, this solution also has several disadvantages. Since it only disables the car from being manipulated via the steering wheel, it does not prevent the possibility of towing the car away. Furthermore, the installation often takes time and so does the removal.


A car alarm is an electronic system installed in a vehicle, serving as a theft-deterrent and preventing unauthorized access into a vehicle. The most basic version of a car alarm combines at least three main components: a sensor, a siren, and a control unit. Sensors are installed in various parts of a vehicle and are activated by any vibrations and movements sensed on or inside the vehicle. Once the unusual movement is detected, sensors activate a siren, a noise-making feature. Many modern-day alarms come in a variety of more sophisticated forms and are equipped with advanced features such as a mobile notification system that provides notifications in the event of a theft-attempt.

The worrying aspect regarding car alarms, however, is the fact that people are becoming immune to car alarm noises due to a rising number of false alarms activated on a daily basis. This is especially the case in highly populated urban areas, where alarms can be activated just by passing trucks and other vibrations. False cars alarms, therefore, undeniably add to noise pollution. Furthermore, professional thieves are familiar with car-stealing methods and are capable of disabling most alarms in just seconds.

Some main advantages of GPS Tracking Systems over Traditional methods:

With the use of a GPS Tracking System, you can periodically check up on your car to make sure it is exactly where you last parked it. Most GPS Tracking providers have remote GPS tracking to Android and IOS phones via an app or through a web portal from your computer or tablet. With these features, you can track your car anytime, anywhere even if you do not have the vehicle in your line of sight. You can monitor every movement and action of your vehicle with live maps and real time GPS updates to allow you to always know your vehicle location. Even when your car is switched off, the GPS Tracker will still be able to transmit. With tamper or event alerts, you can be immediately notified if your vehicle ignition was turned on or the vehicle left a particular zone. With a GPS Tracking System, you will ensure that your property is safe and in the place where it supposed to be. The GPS tracking system can also notify you via SMS and email about towing, signal loss, open doors, engine on and so much more!