With the continued advancement in technology, many industries are noticing an increase in productivity and efficiency; FLEET MANAGEMENT is no exception. Through elevation of GPS tracking systems, geofencing technology and real time tracking, Fleet Management efficiency has improved significantly in recent years. Gaffar GPS Solutions is one of the leading experts in GPS tracking in Trinidad and Tobago, and offers top of the line and ingenious vehicle telematics technology to help improve Fleet Management systems. Our Fleet Tracking Solutions make it easier than ever to increase productivity by tracking your vehicles and their status while measuring the performance and behavior of your drivers.

Productivity And Benefits with Fleet GPS Solutions

A GPS Fleet Tracking Solution can help you address any productivity issues that interfere with the success of your business. Fleet management technology allows you to manage your fleet operations in an effective manner, so that you can achieve measurable results. With access to fleet data 24/7, managers can identify areas in operations, like productivity, that need improvement.

When it comes to your employees, you trust that they are doing their job during business hours. With GPS Fleet Tracking and a detailed activity report, you can monitor your employees’ productivity to make sure that they are arriving on time and that all jobs are completed on a daily basis. Are your employees using their vehicles after-hours? By utilizing alerts, the system can let you know when a vehicle leaves or enters a designated area or moves outside of set business hours using email or text messages.

That’s not all!. When it comes to labour costs, you can replace time-consuming manual processes with automated systems enabling you to efficiently manage your business’ operations. Instead of using paper timecards, you can now use a simple start/stop report as a virtual timecard to validate the hours your employees have worked for the day or week.

Another key benefit for businesses using a Fleet Management Solutions is the ability to create accurate routes. With routing technology, the shortest route can be planned, so that your drivers spend less time on the road and more time servicing your customers. Being able to complete more jobs in a day will increase your service revenue and driver productivity, while also decreasing your fuel costs.

All of these benefits cultivate the most vital component of your business – your customers. By responding quickly to service calls, providing accurate ETAs or dispatching the closest vehicle to an emergency, you increase your customer service levels. Striving to meet and even exceed your customers’ expectations will help you maintain and win new business.

When it comes to Fleet Management technology, Gaffar GPS Solutions has been leading the industry for 8 years. If you are looking to improve employee productivity, reduce your cost of labor, or perfect routing efficiency, Gaffar GPS Solutions has you covered.