Let’s face it – a vehicle tracking system can be the best investment you ever made, however similar due diligence should be undertaken when making the important decision of choosing the right GPS Provider. Today, it’s not a matter if you need a GPS Tracking System. The question is how to choose the most reliable and efficient GPS Tracking Provider. The consequence of this can be great if the wrong type of provider is chosen for the desired situation, therefore, you need to carefully look over your shoulder before you make the final decision.

Choosing a dependable GPS Tracking Provider can quickly become a daunting task when facing a myriad of  features and options, and when making any type of investment, you as the customer need to do the relevant research and comparisons to ensure you get value for money. Nowadays there is plenty to choose from with a whole range of GPS vehicle tracking systems available each with its own features and benefits. Gaffar GPS Solutions wants you to a make a conscious decision and taking cognizance of the below factors should go a long way in helping you choose a GPS vehicle tracking solution best suited to your specific needs.

Real Time Tracking– Choosing a GPS Provider that offers real time tracking with less than 10 seconds update intervals is imperative, as you will be able to track and monitor the location of your vehicle at all times.

Alert systems – Sending notifications via text and email whenever something is not right with vehicles and drivers.

Safe Remote Shutdown – You want to ensure that your GPS Provider ensures a safe remote shutdown enabled via the GPS system, so that your vehicle is not comprised in any way.

Free Recovery Vehicle Services – Maintaining a 100% Stolen Vehicle Recovery Rate is significant. You want to ensure your GPS Provider has robust allegiances with the local police and security firms who can provide armed response  in the instance your vehicle is stolen so that it  can be recovered efficiently if stolen.

24/7 Call Center – For any emergencies, you want to ensure you select a provider that has support staff working round the clock to immediately assist you at any point in time.

Auto Unauthorized Intrusion Protocol – Having the option to automatically arm and disarm your vehicle’s alert system at night or any preferred hours will be hassle-free and suited for your lifestyle.

No Installation Fee – This is always an additional benefit to your pocket.

Unlimited Warranty – The devices in your GPS Tracking System should be protected infinitely against any malfunction or manufacturer’s default.

On-Site Installation – Convenient of having the option for a technician to come to your home to install the GPS System.

Covert Installation – You will want a GPS Tracking System that will be installed in a highly covert manner to reduce the likelihood of detection by potential thieves.

Ease of use – Choosing a GPS Provider who has a simple dashboard will help you understand the system in an easier way.

Good signals – Every GPS software needs to feature good signal that won’t drop outside the city or in places like tunnels and garages.

Mobile access – Not every GPS Provider has mobile apps or a Web version, which can be great for storing information.

Obviously it goes without saying that the GPS Tracking System of your choice needs to fit into your budget, – and that you should never choose a GPS System solely on its price. Not every GPS Provider is equal and the best solution is one that is tailored to your needs and one that gets you the greatest return on your investment.