People often think they need to start the year off right, but why not end the year with a bang by protecting your vehicle and keeping your “hard earned money” safe at all times for the new year ahead. These past couple of years have been an eye opener for all of us as COVID-19 seems to be a never ending financial and emotional burden. It can be become more overwhelming especially when an unforunate event like vehicle theft occurs. Rid yourself of this fatality before 2021 comes to a close and install an effective and reliable GPS System in your vehicle!

It is safe to say that cars are part of life and most households in Trinidad and Tobago have atleast one vehicle or sometimes more. With that in mind, protecting your car in 2022 is a must, especially in this era we are living in. While some may think putting a GPS tracker in a car is an intrusion of privacy, there are plenty of reasons why investing in a vehicle tracking system for the new year ahead will be the most logical and sensible thing to do.

You Can Find Out Where Your Vehicle Is At Any Given Time!

The main function of a GPS tracker is to provide the vehicle’s location. There are many situations where this can come in handy especially if you have an active GPS System installed. An active GPS allows users to track and monitor your vehicle in Real-Time which means the location of your vehicle will be updated every few seconds. So for example, if you go to a parking spot and realise your car is no where to be found, you can use your GPS to find out if it was towed or track its precise movements. Or, maybe your spouse or teen was suppose to be home an hour ago and you want to find out where they are.

You Can Recover a Stolen Vehicle Faster!

Vehicle theft is an unfortunate reality in the world and it’s becoming promenient in Trindad and Tobago. It does not matter if you have a high risk vehicle or not, as thieves have their eyes on everything and they will make any car become an easy target. With an active GPS system installed, the Real-Time location of your vehicle can be tracked very easily and it be effortless to get details on the stolen vehicle. You will be able to track the route and path the vehicle is running and all this information will enable law enforcement to strategically recover your car in minutes.

You Can Receive Instant Tamper Alerts!

You can be notified immediately for various events which can prevent your “hard earned money” from being stolen in a flash. These events will include any unauthorized intrusions like when your car door is opened, a smashed window, collision/impact detected, speeding or even when your vehicle has come out of a certain geographical area. Rest assured with such alerts, you will never come back to a missing vehicle and will know all what’s taking place with your car if it’s being compromised at any minute.

You Can Get Help In An Emergency!

One would want to get help quickly in the event of any emergency and with a vehicle tracking device, if you are stranded in or in an accident, you will be able to tell emergency personnel exactly where you are located. Better yet, GPS providers like Gaffar GPS Solutions will even provide the service of coming to your aid. This is particularly important if you’re in an unfamiliar area.

You Can Monitor Your Teens!

Parents of teenage or young adult drivers often worry about the safety of their kids behind the wheel. Lack of experience driving and greater likelihood of speeding are some of the factors that make motor vehicle accidents. Or, you may wonder where they are if they’re late on their way home. If you have a newly-licensed teen or young driver on your hands, a GPS tracker that also provides trip statistics can help parents monitor driving and address issues with them.

You Can Avoid Traffic And Optimize Route Planning!

An active GPS System with Real-Time updates will allow you to monitor traffic and redirect you to a faster, more efficient route. In some instances, it can provide you with traffic flow information so you can assess for yourself whether a specific route is worth the traffic. GPS is extremely useful for planning routes before making a trip. You can type in a route and review the various turns and distances involved before striking out on a trip. This will allow you to feel more at ease when travelling and on any commute.

As you can see a GPS device usefulness and versatility is undeniable. And most of all it is very affordable with any one of our subscrition packages. So don’t get stuck in 2021 and look forward to 2022 by protecting your vehicle with advanced telematics technology!