Vehicle GPS tracking systems have become promeinent and an essential safety tool for motorists over the recent years. It gives users a level of confidence and control that has been proven for all sorts of purposes such as allowing you to personally track and monitor your vehicle while giving you the peace of mind that your vehicle and the people in it are safey where they are meant to be.

However if you considered signing up for a GPS subscription, chances are you’ve either thought of or heard of some common objections. There are plenty of vehicle tracking myths that many drivers believe to be the truth. Understanding the common myths and misconceptions about vehicle tracking systems will ensure you make an educated and informed decision.

Let’s take a look at some myths that are overrated.

  • Vehicle Tracking Is Unnecessary – I Can Keep Track Of My Car Using Cell Phones

Although cell phones are known to be useful communication tools, they have proven to be ineffective as a tracking device because they can be turned off, damaged or misplaced at any time. They’re unlikely to stay with the vehicle at all times, for example, the driver might exit the vehicle and take the cell phone with them.

They also can’t provide useful information such as real-time vehicle location, engine status and other usage based metrics such as mileage or speeding/braking patterns.

  • A GPS System Will Interfere With The Performance Of My Car

There is a myth that a GPS device will damage som electronics in the car, however the truth is, the device is in no way changing the vehicle mechanically. With regards to reliability, it is true that a device will draw energy from a car’s battery, but its usage is very low. A typical car battery has a capacity of 50 Ah, which means it will take over two years before the device can come close to depleting the battery. So as long as you’re driving the vehicle frequently, it won’t matter because the battery will recharge.

  • I Can’t Afford A Vehicle Tracking System

Many people are concerned about the costs associated of installing a GPS system in their vehicle. This is understandable, however, you can always speak to your provider and identify what you are looking for in a service to find a subscription which fits your needs and budget. We also recommend that you check in with your insurance company to find out if discounts are applicable for having a vehicle tracking system.

  • Tracking Devices Are Complicated And Difficult To Use

Motorists need to remember that vehicle tracking is a service rather than a product which means it’s never diffcult to use a service, especially one that offers a range of features and benefits that can be accessed via an app or website.

In reality most of the applications associated with GPS are not complex to use or requires much rocket science. They are often very user-friendly and straigh-forward. Just make sure that the provider you choose explains to you how it works, how it can be useful to you and most importantly you’re getting the correct level of service and support that you need.

  • My Company Is Too Small To Use Tracking Devices

One misconception is that telematics is only for large companies, but operations of any size with just one vehicle can benefit from a telematics device. For example, a small cleaning company with three or four vehicles could benefit from GPS tracking. If an employee is at a work site and ran out of a certain cleaner, the operations manager or owner could send them to the location of the other cleaners instead of the office, if it means a shorter distance to go. Or say a customer calls asking when a driver will arrive, and without disturbing the driver, the owner can give a near-exact time the driver will arrive based on where they are on the route.

  • It Takes Too Much Time To Manage

From installing devices to reporting and analyzing data, it’s understandable why there’s a misconception that it can be time consuming to manage telematics. The truth is that a telematics solution can be as time-intensive as you want it to be. Here at Gaffar GPS Solutions, we make this very easy and hassle free for you. We take all the work off your hands, so all you have to do is log onto the platform and voila! See all your vehicle movements at your convenience and when you want to.

It is important to note that telematics solutions becomes critical the the busier you are or the larger your company becomes. It can uncover areas of waste in your operations and some businesses are able to see that they actually have more vehicles than they need by getting a better look at vehicle utilization rates. Pulling reports and looking at the data does not take much time but this valuable information can help you save significantly on unused or underused assets, which are expensive to keep in a parking lot for no reason.

FINAL WORD ON MYTHS: Before you make any additional assumptions about a GPS System, consider how much the industry has evolved in recent years. If you first heard about telematics 10 years ago, then it’s likely a lot of your ideas about telematics have since changed through technology improvements or might not have been accurate in the first place.