Imagine you’re taking a casual Sunday drive with your family and out of nowhere, another vehicle slams into yours. Your day is instantly ruined. At Gaffar GPS Solutions, we know that car accidents are a shocking and stressful experience. It can happen to the most cautious of drivers and can happen anywhere even in flowery branch backroads with loved ones.

Being involved in a car accident can be scary, and in some cases, life-changing. When we are faced with traumatic situations, naturally, we tend to do things out of order or forget to do them at all. Collecting yourself and ensuring everyone is safe is of utmost importance. It’s pretty hard to remember what to do after the initial shock and surprise of an accident. Knowing what to do before an accident can help you be better prepared “just in case.”

If you or someone you know is involved in an accident, Gaffar GPS Solutions recommend these Do’s & Don’ts tips to stay safe and manage the situation.


  • Stop and never leave the scene of an accident. Check your surroundings and watch for oncoming traffic and turn on your hazard lights to warn them. 
  • Move your vehicle. If you can do so safely, get it out of the flow of traffic. If it’s too damaged to drive, have it towed.
  • Address injuries. Safety is your first priority after a crash. Check yourself and other passengers to assess condition and safety. Keep injured passengers warm.
  • Call for help. Even if the crash is minor and nobody is hurt, you should contact the police and if the accident is serious, immediately call 811 for the ambulance.
  • Gather information. Exchange details with the other driver including driver’s name, license plate number, insurance company, policy number, names of passengers and witnesses and type of vehicles involved.
  • Take pictures. Document the scene and take all relevant pictures including damages to vehicles, all vehicles in the accident, the scene of the accident and other driver/passengers with their permission.
  • File a report. Visit the nearest police station to file a report, even for a minor accident.


  • Lose your cool. Stay calm andconfirm no one is hurt, then check for damage. You might be pressured at the scene to make snap decisions, but don’t let that happen. Take the time you need to assess the situation.
  • Move injured persons unless they are in immediate danger.
  • Talk about the accident. Limit your discussion with the other driver, including apologizing to them. Only discuss the accident with the police and your insurance company.