Have you stopped to think about all the various ways that a GPS Tracking System could potentially help in your life? GPS vehicle trackers have been designed to suit diverse purposes – protecting your valuable assets, rescuing children, monitoring teen driving, theft recovery, keeping an eye on your elders and more. A GPS Tracking System helps you to stay well informed about the location of any vehicle anytime and from anywhere. It helps you keep a watch over your car, so that the safety of your loved ones traveling in it are never compromised.

Whether you have one or two vehicles at home, there are some great benefits. Most of us think GPS is only for navigation, but it’s so much more than that! The major advantage is that these trackers are compatible with mobile devices and is easy to use just like other mobile apps. Here are some key benefits you can enjoy with GPS Tracking technology from Gaffar GPS Solutions!

Allows real-time vehicle tracking and provides security – First, let’s consider your personal vehicles that you and your family drive. Naturally, one of the first benefits of the GPS Tracking system will be that it can help to provide more security for your vehicle. If you choose a quality system that will not only track your vehicle, but that can also alert you when there is an issue with the vehicle, such as someone trying to break into it, you can boost your car security. They can even provide tracking in real-time, so if the vehicle is stolen, there will be a better chance that it can be recovered. You can also get maintenance alerts, which helps to ensure that vehicle gets necessary services on-time.

Prevents vehicle theft – Vehicle theft, mainly cars is on the rise and investing in GPS technology is a key option to protect your vehicle from theft. By installing a GPS System, you can monitor your vehicle even if you’re not nearby. In case of any movement in your car at your absence, the GPS device will send an alert to your smartphone or computer. Even if it is stolen, you can catch hold of the culprits immediately based on the location of vehicle.

Track your teens, young drivers and other loved ones – GPS trackers are great options to monitor your loved ones, especially the elderly and for parents who wish to know where their young drivers are at all times. Investing in a GPS System means that you can track your loved ones or child’s location as well as set up a virtual fence or safe zone for kids, and be alerted immediately once they drive beyond the threshold you set! The system provides an instant alert the moment your young drivers leaves assigned safe zones, for example-school premises. With assistance from such technology, you can allow more freedom for your youngsters-being watched at the same time, and also ensure the safety of those you cherish.

Theft Recovery – In the case of a vehicle theft, a GPS Tracking System is the best tool for any personal vehicle or fleet company. Be notified with alerts and mapping data to help you identify whether the vehicle has been stolen and inform the authorities of its location to enable a quick recovery.

Minimize Fuel Costs – No one can control the price of gas, but one of the best benefits of GPS Tracking Systems is the ability to observe a vehicle’s fuel consumption. The monitoring software will cut down on the amount of money spent on fuel by better route planning, eliminating vehicle idling, driver speeding, any unauthorized usage, and gives both personal drivers and fleet managers the ability to optimize driving routes.

Improved Safety for Fleets – Apart from meeting personal safety  needs, for Fleet Tracking-not only will drivers be more responsible because they are aware of the GPS monitoring, but fleet managers will know exactly where a vehicle is if it requires any assistance. Whether it’s a broken down engine or any emergency situation, fleet managers can send roadside assistance to help their driver.

Lower Operational Costs for Fleets – Using GPS Tracking software allows fleet managers to see who is taking inefficient routes or using a vehicle for unauthorized purposes. Not only will it solve on the road issues, but it provides an accurate readout of the hours that drivers claim to have worked.

Increasing Productivity for Fleets – Because of the ability to track drivers’ hours worked, this also allows fleet managers to make better use of an employee’s time. The GPS Tracking software shows exactly where your drivers are at all times and can help you keep a record of what work they are doing at that time. Get a better grasp of how employees are performing and find better ways to manage workloads with a comprehensive fleet tracking system. Not only will you save time and money, but your drivers will be safer and perform to their full potential. All of which adds up to a smoother business operation and improved customer service that each of your customers will love.