We all work hard for the vehicles we own and can relate that money does not come easy. So what is next on the agenda? Ensuring that your most prized possession is safe, secure and you do not fall victim to vehicle theft! Let us not forget fleet owners as it is also expensive and strenuous to manage fleet operations.

At some point, most persons usually hesitate to install a GPS System as they assume it as an inessential investment. Now that we live in a digital world more than ever, everything has changed especially when people started realizing that having a vehicle tracking system is the perfect solution for Fleet Management and to prevent personal vehicle theft. The world of GPS technology has transformed drastically and this transformation is evident in the latest features of a vehicle tracking system. Let us have a glimpse over the dominant features of such a system:

1. Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

One of the most important features associated with a GPS System is its capability for real-time monitoring. A vehicle’s location is tracked and displayed on the map whenever it moves from one point to another. With modern trackers, you will be able to determine the vehicle status – moving, parked or in an idle condition. Several vehicles in a fleet can also be managed together easily by the implementation of a GPS System.

2. Obtain Trip History

All trips covered will be shown graphically on the map, as well as details such as drives/stops, kilometers, idling, average speed and engine time. In addition to this, there are systems that include the option to replay the complete trip.

3. Alerts

With a GPS System, you can receive real-time alerts the minute an intruder steps foot into your vehicle which includes alerts to notify you that a window was smashed, a car door was open or even if your vehicle’s battery or the GPS unit was tampered with. Other alerts which can be configured in your system includes over speed alerts, harsh brake/cornering alerts, idling alerts, excessive stoppage alerts and maintenance reminders alerts.

4. Access Anytime from Anywhere

With a versatile GPS System you should have the ability to access the platform on the web from any device whether it be smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. Also, the user friendly apps will assist you to track and monitor your vehicle and fleets anytime from anywhere.

5. Geo-fencing Feature

Geo-fencing is the advanced alert customization feature which create boundaries around a particular area or landmark. This means that you can be alerted or recieve a time stamp every time your vehicle or fleet enters or leaves this specified area. Furthermore, it enhances the operational efficiency, safety and security and route optimization.

6. Reports

With a vehicle tracking system, you will be able to attain customized reports which can be generated in real-time regarding the idling time, vehicle stops, vehicle utilization, total distance travelled and much more!

7. User-friendly interface

Both mobile and web applications of a GPS System can be designed in a simple and navigation friendly manner. Hence users are able to obtain appropriate information from the system, enabling them to constitute suitable decisions.

8. User Management

Managing a wide variety of users is challenging when you own a large company fleet business. With modern GPS technology, you should be able to add and modify user profiles depending on the third party contracts companies may have or with internal staff and thereby manage their overall roles and privileges.

9. Fleet Analytics

In Fleets, vehicle usage may vary so you can utilize modern GPS tracking devices to keep track of essential data i.e. Fuel Consumption, Maintenance reminders and much more. These are integrated to alert fleet managers. They will have the ability to use fleet data to enhance fleet performance.

10. Easy Installation

A major concern most people dwell on when it comes to a GPS System is the ease of installation and maintenance. Also, many individuals question its compatibility with different vehicles especially hybrid vehicles or push to start vehicles. There are installation methods and GPS Systems that are specifically designed for newer models of vehicles. Some installs can be time consuming and this is done with the customer in mind so that the GPS units can be covertly hidden making it more challenging for thieves to find.